Monday, November 21, 2011

Custom Monopoly Bar Mitzvah

The client requested a customized decor for their son's recent Bar Mitzvah, highlighting their child's love of the Monopoly game, thus "Rossopoly".  These custom table centerpieces are lit from within, and turn slowly on a motorized base. Wooden dice provide a stand for the 3-D figure, each Monopoly real-estate section is customized to Ross's interests and life experiences.

Large Monopoly man adorned the entrance to the event, also provided by Illuminaria.

"Rossopoly" Board with guest list and table assignments.

Signage for the stage

All graphics, centerpieces and signage custom designed, printed and installed by Illuminaria.

Fresh flowers combined with custom printed Illuminaria

This fundraising event required company branding and interior lighting:

The client decided to make the addition of fresh flowers as part of the centerpiece table display:

Final centerpiece version included interior lighting, custom branded graphics and fresh flowers of the clients choice.

Ocean theme Bat Mitzvah

Our client's daughter chose to have the ocean as her Bat Mitzvah Theme, her love of whales was included in our custom designed shade:

The "water" in the vase (colored and lit gel) adds to the oceanic theme.

Weekend Bat Mitzvahs

We were given this invitation:

and created this custom centerpiece shade:

Shade colors and feather boa for Julia's Bat Mitzvah were custom printed from the clients personalized invitation

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neeham, MA--Tercentennial Event, Lit Decor custom-made

For this gala event, we designed special internally lit columns and fancy wineglass centerpieces that included themed graphics, vintage and contemporary photographs, and crystals (new addition), all in celebration of 300 years of the town of Needham.

Large table top square columns (also lit from within) were the back drop to many smaller shades on the cocktail tables with a special addition of dangling crystals at the bottom of the lit wine glass shade.

We included a small circular 'place' for the wineglass to sit upon-a 'package' of consistent design.

The large tent included theatrical event graphics--continuing with the theme of the festive evening. 

Our signature 6 foot columns flanked the centerpiece of the event's design, also recreated on our "lit from within" columns.

Boston Bat Mitzvah--glowing centerpieces

For this Bat Mitzvah, held at an "industrial chic" restaurant in Boston called DISTRICT, we custom designed two centerpieces to match the restaurant linens and reference the invitation.

The feather boa adds an elegant flair to the design for this tall table top piece.

The second shape is our newest design,. This cylindrical shade,  with custom graphics,  includes a hidden light that shines through the base to reveal the "R" on the table custom printed table mat.

Each piece was designed to coordinate with the decor of the restaurant and client's invitation.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had a lot of fun making these Halloween wine glass shades. We found some old post cards of vintage spooky scenes, also included ghoulish photos of the moon and bone-chilling cemetery plots. 

This old photo is so cute and a little bit eerie!

Hand carved pumpkins and spooky cat eyes

Adorable vintage scene with a frightening witch in the back ground, on a bed of autumn leaves (leaf Photo from our yard.....)

A terrifying group for the dining tables.....with red candles--SCARY!

Hair-raising French gravestones...hooooooooo hooooooooooo