Sunday, November 6, 2011

Neeham, MA--Tercentennial Event, Lit Decor custom-made

For this gala event, we designed special internally lit columns and fancy wineglass centerpieces that included themed graphics, vintage and contemporary photographs, and crystals (new addition), all in celebration of 300 years of the town of Needham.

Large table top square columns (also lit from within) were the back drop to many smaller shades on the cocktail tables with a special addition of dangling crystals at the bottom of the lit wine glass shade.

We included a small circular 'place' for the wineglass to sit upon-a 'package' of consistent design.

The large tent included theatrical event graphics--continuing with the theme of the festive evening. 

Our signature 6 foot columns flanked the centerpiece of the event's design, also recreated on our "lit from within" columns.

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