Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Custom Lampshades to fit an elegant base

Custom Buillt Lampshade on acrylic lamp base with LED Puck lights installed
For a recent sophisticated Bar Mitzvah designed by Table Sensations we were asked to design a custom lampshade to fit elegant lamp bases that served as centerpieces.
Sourced online to accent the event decor, the lamps were  adapted with a taller harp and the electric cords cut. To raise them up a little they were placed on upturned glass vases.
The shades were in fact 2 tiered with the rectangles cut out to expose the second blue shade below. The battery-operated lights were installed in the top of the inner shade and were turned on remotely.

It was a challenging and creative project for us and we enjoyed figuring out how to adapt commercial lamp bases to our custom shades.

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